By definition, a nutritionist is a person whose job is to give advice on how food affects your health. The very foundation of our physical human existence, health, healing and survival depends on consuming healthy, nutrient dense foods, free of chemicals or other toxins that may damage the human body. It is the food we eat every day that is used as the building materials to create and repair every cell of our body, ensuring a long, healthy life free of illness.

Dr. Kathy Veon, DOM, AP, CCN has studied and worked as a nutritionist for nearly 30 years, focusing mainly on human clinical nutrition for chronic illness recovery, detoxification and maintaining overall health, as well as performance nutrition for achieving athletic excellence. As a Doctor or Oriental Medicine and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, her primary training is in food therapy and herbal medicine. She holds a Master of Science in herbology and has completed numerous, post-graduate courses in human clinical nutrition, chronic care nutrition, functional medicine, nutrition for psychological issues and addictions, detoxification, and whole food therapy. She is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and over the past 10 years, has served as a community educator and speaker on the fundamental principles of sustainable farming practices and traditional healthy diets. She educates patients on the difference between ‘politically correct nutrition’ and ‘traditional nutrition’, empowering her patients to be independent thinkers and to utilize wisdom and knowledge to make excellent choices for themselves and their health, no matter what the media may preach as the newest ‘fad’ in ‘politically correct nutrition’.

A nutritionist also understands the value not only of consuming nutrient dense foods, but also of utilizing whole food, living sources of herbs, vitamins, minerals and ‘whole food supplements’ as ‘medicine’ to detoxify and heal the body from illness or imbalance. A nutritionist inspired by excellence will not use synthetic nutrients that have little or no real effect in building and maintaining health for the long term, but instead will only employ whole food, once living sources of nutrients to effectively build and maintain solid cellular structures to ensure whole body healing and health for a lifetime. As a nutritionist, Dr. Veon only uses the highest grade, living source herbs and nutrients as a part of her patients’ healing programs. Dr. Veon’s philosophy on healing is to not depend on supplements for a lifetime, but instead use them for a season or as needed to correct deficiencies or imbalances caused by years of unhealthy living, or to support special programs that require additional nutrients that may not be found in our modern-day food sources.

Simply put, we are what we eat. Food, water and our environment are the building blocks that our bodies use to create and repair every physical cell that makes up who we are. Nutrient dense foods, herbal medicine and nutrition therapy are powerful healing tools that can be used to bring a person back from the most chronic and debilitating illnesses. Proper nutrition protects and strengthens our DNA and keeps our genetics strong to pass down from generation to generation. Nutrition truly is the very foundation and key to health and healing. Working with a nutritionist who is highly educated, experienced, and not only ‘talks the talk’, but also ‘walks the walk’ can empower you to take charge of your health at its very foundation.


Nutritionist Therapy Testimonials for Arthritis, Acid Reflux, Hormones and Dependency on Prescription Drugs:


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 years ago. I had been taking medications, but did not like the side effects. I was referred to Dr. Veon for alternative therapies that could help. She did a lot of testing and found problems with my digestion and immune system. I went back for evaluations once a month to see how my body was healing while on the nutritionist therapies. After 5 months, I am happy to say that I was pain free and no longer had any signs of RA. I feel great. I sleep better, I am not depressed anymore, and I don’t get sick easily. Dr. Veon really helped me to understand why my body was sick and how to fix it. She counseled me on food choices, nutrition, stress reduction, and healthy living. I have my life back and I can play sports again!

Neil, Daytona Beach, FL


I had acid reflux for 20 years (since college) and was taking Tums and Prilosec to help with the burning, pain and bloating. I started to gain weight and felt that my hormones were changing and went to see Nutritionist Dr. Kathy for some help.  We used herbal and nutrition therapy to heal my stomach and digestion. My bloating and pain is gone and I do not have to take drugs anymore.  My overall wellbeing is greatly improved and I feel that my hormones are balanced too.  I  have lost 23 lbs and am back to a healthy weight and have lots of energy now.  Nutrition is the way to go when healing the body. It really works!!

Nancy, Orlando, FL


During the time that Nutritionist, Dr. Veon, has been treating me with nutrition and acupuncture treatments, she has enabled me to eliminate my dependence on destructive pharmaceutical protocols for stomach acid, cholesterol, blood pressure and anxiety medications. She has also helped me eliminate severe neck, shoulder and elbow pain. Dr. Veon has excellent communication skills and is empathic. She is intensely focused and researches beyond what anyone I have encountered in the medical profession in order to help her patients. Friends I have recommended to her have commented on this attribute. I have, and will continue to be treated by her. I highly endorse her for anyone with conditions she treats.

Robert, Lake Mary, FL


For more information please contact Dr. Kathy Veon, DOM, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Nutritionist. 407-328-6711



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