Kathy Veon, DOM, AP, CCN

Nutritionist, Dr. Kathy Veon

Kathy is a Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac), a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She graduated with honors from Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is a Doctoral Fellow at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Dr. Veon is currently serving as Chairman of the Florida Board of Acupuncture.

Kathy has received extensive training in acupuncture, Chinese and Western Herbology, human clinical nutrition and functional nutrition therapy, cupping, moxibustion, Acupoint Injection Therapy (AIT), Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA ), Cation Mudpack Therapy, Emotional Repolarization Technique Therapy (ERT), NAET Allergy Elimination Techniques, Integrative Medicine and other holistic modalities. She is certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS), and also works with people seeking help with addictions, mental/emotional disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Veon is a Certified QRA Referral Practitioner and works with patients dealing with the most chronic or severe health conditions by employing holistic healing tools to address all aspects of healing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Kathy is a member of following organizations:
National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Florida Board of Acupuncture / Chairman
International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN)
Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA)
Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine (FSDOM)
The American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA)
National Guild Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NGAOM)
Price-Pottenger Foundation